Spay & Neuter Clinics

FHSTJ reduces the uncontrolled birth rate of animals by offering sterilization clinics for cats and dogs. The monthly
spay and neuter clinic service is offered as a low cost clinic and asking only of those who can afford it, a modest
contribution in order to cover the costs of the materials. This is based on the economic resources of the individual.
The cost is much less than the cost of private veterinary services in Tijuana.

Currently we are performing an average of 80 cat and dog sterilizations per month.
Visit our BLOG for recent pictures and reports. Please help support HSTJ's spay and neuter clinics by making a
donation or becoming a monthly sponsor by joining our
RESCUE 400 CLUB today.
Thank you for supporting the Humane Society de Tijuana.
Your support means so much to us, every day!

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